Entry #8- Oggun

I read the article about the open-source tractor business that is being run in Cuba by two men of Cleber LLC. Their tractor model, known as the Oggun, is simple, classic design that is then being combined with new technology. The two men, Clemmons and Berenthal, have decided to open their business in Cuba, a huge step since the lifting of the 1960 embargo. Having seen the daily struggle of Cuban farmers first-hand, these men have opened a business that is both sustainable but also very socially-minded. This emphasis on furthering social good can most be seen through their decision to open-source, rather than patent, the Oggun tractor design.

“Clemmons says their ‘make it live longer’ model sets them apart from other equipment companies that use patented, proprietary components,” the article stated. I love the work that Clemmons and Berenthal are doing, because they are fighting against the natural “profit as the end goal” mindset, and instead are focusing on improving a business that is dedicated to helping Cuban farmers. Stories and exmaples such as this are helping me see how incredibly beneficial and valuable it can be to adapt the OSD model, rather than choosing to patent.



3 thoughts on “Entry #8- Oggun

  1. What an awesome attempt by Clemmons and Berenthal to expand the Open Source community. If any area is in need of Open Source information and technology, Cuba is definitely one to consider. Due to the embargo they were basically cut off from the outside world and as a result their economy, innovation, and domestic growth greatly suffered. Without a doubt they probably experienced sustainable growth methods related to farming, so this is a great company for a great cause.


  2. Hi! I saw this article as well, and thought it was very cool. To think that two guys saw the need for something, and were then able to develop a product to meet that need in an open source manner is amazing and truly embodies the potential the internet has given our era.


  3. After reading about OGGUN, it is important to remember that the simplest solution is not always going to be produced by the few high minded designers behind the big name companies. This example of producing a fully functional tractor at a fraction of the cost is a perfect example of how open sourcing benefits the community as a whole. This tractor was built in order to serve a purpose and they were not focused on the ascetics or extra features because their purpose was solely to do work. The high barriers to entry when building things like a tractor deter most individuals from taking on the task. This is a perfect example of showing individuals that people are capable of producing their own products with the right mindset and slight technical ability.


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